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iCE Overview (OHCA Case Management System)

iCE is OHCA’s case management system.  It contains case information about the Eligibility of the case and the Recipients on the case.

Under Eligibility, CSS has access to:

Application Information

  1. Absent Parent
  2. Application Errors
  3. Benefit Recovery
  4. Case Actions
  6. Grievance
  7. Health Insurance
  8. Member Eligibility
  9. Restrictions


  1. Household Contact Information
  2. Household Member
  3. Pregnancy


  1. Childcare Expenses
  2. Household Income


  1. Application Letter Tracking
  2. Generic Letter
  3. Suspension Information
  4. Verification / Documentation

Under Recipient, CSS has access to:

  1. Member
  2. Medicare
  3. Previous Data (including previous IDs)

Child support staff who have access to CSNA for case building have access to both Agency View and iCE. Both Agency View and iCE should be used when researching cases for medical support.

Access Agency View