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If NCP is a Payee On TANF, Update the Case


If the NCP is currently the payee on an active TANF case, you should update the case to status 10 reason code 18 (Absent Parent current TANF client). Make sure to enter a review date and keep checking the case to see when the NCP is no longer on TANF.  Every 6 months TANF cases are reviewed for continuing eligibility.  Check the effective date (B5) on the EB screen to see when the last review was completed.  Update the review date on CSCU within 6 months after the effective date.

NOTE: Keep in mind that if the NCP is not currently on TANF we will pursue the case. Benefits like Medical, past TANF, and SNAP do not warrant a 10/18 case.

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May 7, 2019

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