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Debit Card CS Payments – TANF Closed – CSS Open

How long does it take for a customer to receive a CSS payment once a client is removed from TANF? The answer to this depends on whether the customer already has a Child Support debit card. Since Child Support and TANF programs use separate cards, CS payments will never be put on a TANF card. Because of this there can be two different scenarios:

1. If the CP does not have a Child Support card yet:

  • When a customer gets off TANF, the first Child Support payment received will create an EPC (Electronic Payment Card) account.  There is no timeline for when we receive the first payment, as it depends on the NCP, the employer, etc.
  • After the first payment is received, we send the demographic file to Conduent that night.  The account is set up and Conduent mails out the debit card.
  • Once payment is received, a letter is sent letting customers know when to expect the card, and what kind of packaging the card will be in.
  • Customers will be informed to wait up to 10 business days to receive the card. Once it is activated (pinned) the funds will be available to the CP.
  • If the customer does not receive a card within the expected business days, the customer could call CARE, who will give them the phone number to Conduent to call to request a new card.

2. If the CP already has a Child Support debit card:

The next Child Support payment received will be added to the existing card (assuming it is pinned, and the CP’s address is Current).