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Intergovernmental Family Violence and the Nondisclosure Finding Affidavit (I19)

When working intergovernmental cases, we inform the other state or jurisdiction of family violence by attaching the I19 (Nondisclosure Finding/Affidavit) document available in ALC to the UIFSA packet. The document must be completed by the person reporting family violence, signed and returned to CSS.

This is a result of an Information Memorandum outlining procedures for protecting information in cases with Family Violence indicated. Please see IM-19-06: Model Procedures for Domestic Violence Cases for more detailed information.

The non-disclosure box being checked on UIFSA forms alone isn’t sufficient to protect victims of family violence. The memorandum states: The child support agency should provide all recipients of FVI protections with a template form for making a sworn statement that the health, safety, or liberty of a party or a child would be unreasonably put at risk by the disclosure of identifying information for purposes of UIFSA. The agency should assist with completion of the form as needed. The sworn statement does not require a witness or a notary and may be self-certified by the party making the statement.

UIFSA document

The following is a list of documents that include the check box for the Nondisclosure Finding/Affidavit. Effective today if a case has the FVI indicator this box will need to be checked and the new I19 Nondisclosure Affidavit must be included.

  • Transmittal #1  (IT1 AND IT1E)
  • Transmittal #2 (IT2 AND IT2E)
  • Transmittal #3 (IT3, IT3E AND IT3ORD )
  • Declaration in Support of Establishing Parentage (I16F)
  • Letter of Transmittal Requesting Registration (I20)
  • Uniform Support Petition (I17F)
  • Child Support Agency Request for Change of Support Payment Location (I33)

In cases where family violence has been previously reported, but the CP will not return the I19, it may be necessary to send the UIFSA packet without checking the “Nondisclosure Finding/Affidavit Attached” box. It is suggested in those cases to inform the other state somewhere within the UIFSA packet that family violence was previously reported, but Nondisclosure Affidavit was not completed and returned by the CP.