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Post-Hearing Checklist

The following post-hearing checklist is due three days after the hearing.



NCP Name:

CP Name:

Hearing Date:

Hearing County:         Follow up completed on:

X = Considered, not needed

= Done

  • OAH-Add hearing if Continued
  • CNT- Mail CNT notices by regular mail with COM
  • Hearing was SNS- Do ALIAS with appropriate service (Use EZ Messenger)
  • DIS-Dismissal: Mail to parties. Place in the file.
  • Update the AOR (ASA 01, ASA 20)
  • APEU-if new info is obtained. View FCRL or OWL for new data. Remove any outdated employers.
  • CSCU, CSML, CHU, CHMU-update any changes made
  • Mail INS cards to ESC for POLA (or scan and email to *OCSS.ESCMgmt)
  • OBLRV-for MODs
  • AAPE-for NOIRs Bench Warrants, Criminal Warrants, and/or US Attorney Warrants.
  • CNTU-for Contempts
  • DCHG-new info on parties
  • CSANU for ANs
  • DOCSU-Input service for both parties here-federal requirement
  • Mail orders/docs to Parties via regular mail to AORs per COM date
  • GN4-Req to Docket with copy of the order and GN9-to Dist. Ct.
  • Update the ECE/ Record of Orders
  • GLS screen- Update the final GLS with “C” for MODs
  • Clean and organize file – confirm pleadings and new order are tabbed down
  • CSLOGA-log all details of the order and court hearing actions, log file to fin.
  • File to Finance for obl updates; IWO will auto-issue if the employer is on APEI

*Printable Post Hearing Checklist

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