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Common Questions about OSIS HEARA/L/I/U Screen Codes

OK Benefits provides child support customers the ability to keep track of hearings and dispositions in their online account. Customers will be able to see the type of hearing they have scheduled, the date, time and location of the hearing, and hearing results. The content of this OK Benefits hearing information was crafted by Child Support OK Benefits MiniCE and Business Process PIT so that there is not only consistency in hearing information, but that it is understandable by any audience. The product of the working groups is a revision of OSIS Hearing and Disposition codes.

The revised codes generated a few questions on genetic testing, multiple actions on the same day, and confusion about which codes replaced which ones. Here are the questions with their answers.

Genetic Testing

What hearing sequence do we use on ALC for NOPSOs? I have always only used SC for my genetic testing hearing and now that we have a code for BT, CH, and AT, does it matter on ALC?
For genetic testing you should always use BT/AT/CH and create 3 hearings. When the customer comes back for results and the order then you would use PA for that hearing.
Will we set one or more hearings for genetic testing? Right now, we use the code SC for show cause, which tends to be all inclusive. With the changes, would it be necessary to do a separate hearing for BT, CH, and AT?
The practice is to build a HEARA for each party for genetic testing.
Is there one HEARL update that reflects the case members who need to be tested?
Create a hearing for each individual needing testing. The hearings will be coded as: Genetic Test Appointment BP – use BT; Genetic Test Appointment for Child – use CH; Genetic Test Appointment for NCP – use AT.

We must do it this way to display on the child support customer’s OK Benefits account properly. If we build just one hearing, only the individual that the hearing is built for will be displayed. OK Benefits is tied to the individual level.

Is there an option for “Genetic test appointment for all case members?”
The main reason the HEARL codes were updated was OK Benefits. Customers will be accessing their Hearing cards on their accounts and will need to see their hearings individually – both BP, CP, and NCP. This also ensures that due process is documented in the OSIS system as policy requires each individual to be notified of their hearings. Having a single hearing for all 3 parties muddles this intention. Further, family violence cases may be an issue because Child Support offices do genetic testing differently and do them on different days of the week. Child Support intends to give customers better access to their case information via OK Benefits.

Multiple Actions on the Same Day

What should enforcement workers do when they have multiple actions set on the same day? For example, if they have a Motion to Modify, Annual Notice, and a Notice of Intention to Revoke set for the same day and time. Should CS specialists use the OH hearing type or should they enter 3 different hearing sequences?
Child support specialists should build hearing sequences for each type of action even if they are set at the same time. Each cause of action should have a hearing sequence. This is particularly useful when the actions are not all resolved in one day.

Confusion about HEARL Code changes

So, NOSD that was formerly AD in HEARL is now CS? And NOSO that was formerly PA is now CS? Show cause was formerly SC and is now PA, or, AOPs and Show Cause are both PA?
The Working Group intends the following:

Hearings for everyone getting genetic testing – use GT

Paternity /AOP/NOPSO – use PA


If you have questions about Hearing and Disposition Codes, OSIS, or any Child Support issue, check out CS Quest for answers, or contact your Programs Field Representative.

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