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SDU Special Processing Form Guidelines

The article details when the One-Time Special Payment Processing form should and should not be used. If you should have any questions please contact Center of Finance and Budget.


Do use the 03EN553E form when:

  • A payment is made in conjunction with an active enforcement action and should be logged FGN specific:
    • Contempt/bond payment
    • License revocation
    • Bank levy
  • A settlement has a specific split agreement (e.g. 50/50):
    • Worker’s compensation
    • Personal injury

Do Not

Do not use the 03EN553E form when:

  • The NCP only has one case
  • There are multiple cases and the payment should log by NCP
  • There are actions SDU cannot perform:
    • If a settlement agreement involves logging a portion and refunding a portion of a check, this request should be sent to CFB.
    • Send Stefanie Hanson a heads up
  • There is no enforcement action or settlement agreement

A copy of the 03EN553E form is pictured below.  You can also find the official form on the InfoNet Forms Page.
Picture of the One Time Special Payment Processing form when indicated by the SDU Special Processing Form Guidelines