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Outgoing Interstate – No Payments 60 Days (CS661R01 Report )

This tool helps staff evaluate cases quicker and more easily. The following process should be used with the CS661R01 report- Outgoing Intergovernmental cases with a verified employer and no payments for 60 days. Review the CS661R01 report, available in the Shared Documents folder on the state office W drive.  Use the Microsoft Excel filter feature to get your office list. Follow the steps below.

  1. Is there a zero balance? Verify that it is zero and if so, begin the closure process.
    • The “BALANCE DUE”, “INTEREST DUE” and “ARREARS DUE” columns will all be zeros.
  1. Is there now an Oklahoma address for NCP? – Verify that the ones marked “OK” are in fact living in Oklahoma (“NCP ST” column).
    • If so, send a transmittal to the responding state to terminate the referral. Contact the current employer. If the NCP is working there, send an IWO.
    • If not living in OK, update address if possible. Inform the other state (responding state).
  1. The NCP is still out of state, an employer is listed, but no payments are coming in – Contact the employer.
    • If the NCP is employed there, ask if the employer received an IWO from the other state.
      • If not, contact the other state (responding state) with the information and ask them to send the IWO.
      • If so, contact the other state (responding state) to enforce the IWO.
    • If NCP is no longer employed there, inform the other state (responding state), move the employer to APEH and continue to monitor.
  1. If no employer is listed, then it was removed by the automatic APEU clean-up for no payments. Check the APEH screen to make sure this is the case and contact the employer and follow the steps as in #3.

All cases on the report should have orders – No Priority 3 or 4 cases.

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