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Right-Sizing Orders

There is increasing evidence that imputing inaccurate income amounts to noncustodial parents (NCP) leads to unrealistic child support orders and results in low rates of payment and compliance. “Right-sizing orders” (RSO) means establishing and modifying child support orders and setting judgment payments to reflect current circumstances and actual income, unless the evidence supports imputing income. This encourages NCPs to comply with child support orders and results in consistent and reliable support collections for the children involved.

Actual income is the preferred measure when determining child support. There is a Compliance Predictor Tool for workers to use which shows how likely an NCP is to pay a given amount of child support based on the NCP’s gross monthly income.

It is important to right-size an order at both the establishment and modification stage, especially when an NCP has either a single case or multiple cases. There are distinct steps to follow for multiple case processing, and guidance on office assignment and office roles.

A database for RSO Reports is available that allows individual offices to identify cases in which the current support and judgment payment may need to be right-sized. See CSQuest article Making WebFocus Work for You to find the needed report.

See CSQuest article Right-Sizing Resources for a link to the Right-Sizing Orders User Guide, RSO Companion Tool, and other resources.