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Sending CSENET messages

CSENET works by generating messages using valid combination codes. This code tells OSIS what to put into the message. To send a message follow these steps:

  1. Check NETAGRI to verify the CSENET capabilities of the other state.
  2. Check REFU to make sure the contact and case information is up to date.
  3. Generate the message on NETGEN by utilizing the correct combination code. An outgoing message is sent by entering values in the ACTION SELECTED , FUNCTION SELECTED, and REQUEST REASON FIELDS. A valid combination of all three fields is required.
  4. Use the notes section to type any additional information that the other state needs.
  5. Press the enter key to send the transaction. The message “Outgoing transaction successfully submitted” will be displayed.
  6. A case log will automatically generate. Log any additional details that would be helpful on the case.

Click Valid Transaction Table to use as a resource.