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The CRES Process

This article will help you determine if a case needs to be CRESed, how to prep a case, and the process to complete the CRES. CRESing a case is usually reserved for when there are multiple FGNs created for the same family group. This process will walk you through how to resolve the duplicate FGN(s). This process is not reversible, so it is extremely important to review each case to determine if the FGNs include the same family group.

Step 1: Determining if CRESing is Needed

How to Identify a CRES is Needed (PDF)

This document will be used to help a worker determine if a case will need to be CRESed. It will give multiple examples of when it is appropriate to CRES a case and when it is not appropriate.

Step 2: Determining the appropriate surviving FGN

Determining the Surviving FGN When a CRES is Needed (PDF)

This document will be used to help a worker determine the appropriate surviving FGN. In some instances, it may not be clear which FGN should remain and which FGN should be CRESed. This document will show the hierarchy of cases that should survive over another type of case.

Step 3: Preparing a case for CRESing

Preparing FGN (PDF)

This document explains what is necessary to prepare a case for CRESing. It includes a step-by-step process for what screens to review and what actions need to be taken before a case can be CRESed.

Step 4: How to CRES

Performing a CRES (PDF)

This final document will walk the worker through how to actually CRES a case and what errors may occur.