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Tribal Tax Offsets

In January 2019, we began state and federal offsets for the Cherokee Nation, Modoc Nation and Muscogee (Creek) Nation using the Administrative/Automated Enforcement Interstate (AEI) process.  The Tribal IV-D programs refer private only arrears cases to Oklahoma Child Support Services and then we pass those arrears balances forward to the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) & Federal Offset Program.

Cases with assigned state arrears will still go through the OSIS process just like always.

AEI balances will refer through CSS but not in the traditional way with an OSIS case and FGN. AEI referrals do not require an FGN.

If the Tribal case NCP has no state child support open cases, the AEI referrals for offset will not appear on the IRSI and/or OTCI screens. If there is both a Tribal case for an NCP and a state case (with or without balances owed to the state) both the AEI referral and the state case(s) will appear on the IRSA and/or OTCI screens.

The Center for Finance and Budget and the Center for Coordinated Programs will track and deal with all AEI collections.

Note: All the AEI referrals have a case number that starts with AE. If a NCP contacts CSS about an offset, they give you the case number, and it starts with AE refer them directly to the Tribal Child Support Office that is handling their child support case. They should be aware of what office handles their case but if they do not know check the AESSN transaction to identify which Tribal IV-D Program started the offset process.

The Tribal Child Support Offices will provide their customers all the information about their cases, including balances.