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Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB) Intercept

For your convenience, and to maintain continuity in the Unemployment Referral database, all additions, deletions and changes to unemployment referral status should be transmitted to the UIB Coordinator using a Microsoft Access format. This system contributes to better accuracy and the ability to track and create reports of your requests. To use this process, please contact the Center for Coordinated Programs.

The UIB analyzer will submit cases to the OESC report that meet the following criteria:

  • Case Status is 02, 06, 08, or 10 (excluding reason 18 NCP Receiving TANF Benefits)
  • Full Service Case
  • Date order verified field on Obligation screen is populated
  • Order status is A or C
  • Date signed field is completed
  • Action Termination Date contains only zeros
  • If an Interstate Case, the Interstate Referral Status is A (not T, terminated)
  • Income Assignment Indicator on Obligation screen is Y, N, or O (not D, denied)
  • MEO Indicator is N (if it is P, only the amount owed for the non-MEO CP will be included in the amount referred)

The analyzer’s criteria for deleting a referral will follow the NOIA’s deletion logic.

After the analyzer determines what amount should be sent, using the formula of monthly ordered amount × 12 ÷ 52 or total balance (depending upon existing case status), the information is written to a file and sent via ftp to the OESC (usually on Tuesday evening). The OESC matches all cases sent against existing claims using the SSN(s) as an identifier for the case. After completing this process, the OESC returns two files to CSS, one consisting of those that had existing claims and the amounts certified for intercept (which writes to APBI) and a second file of non-matched cases. Funds for matched cases post to the CFRRX on Wednesday or Thursday following receipt of the OESC’s check for the statewide funds collected.

UIB withholding amounts will be referred according to the monthly ordered amounts except in cases where no payment plan was reflected in the computer record. For those cases (generally in 06 status), we will transmit the total balance to the OESC and a ceiling of 50% of the benefit allowance would be imposed.

Manual Referral Process:

If you have an NCP receiving unemployment benefits and you need to make a manual referral make sure the case meets the criteria for automated referral and send the UIB Process Request form and the Office of Special Collections; Center for Coordinated Programs will send a manual referral to OESC within five (5) business days.

Termination of UIB Referrals:

After an NCP has been referred for UIB intercept and the intercept needs to be terminated, use the comment portion of the UIB Process Request Form.

Programming and Related Issues – APBI:

The APBI screen will only display referrals that have been submitted to the OESC after the agency’s response. When viewing the APBI there may be a second part to this screen if the NCP has more than one SSN tied to his name in our computer system. To check this, make sure to try a second “enter” from the APBI screen. There is no existing screen that will allow a worker in the field to determine what’s been referred before the OESC has issued a response file. Because this is a frustrating truth for anyone who must deal with customer inquiries on a daily basis, we proposed that the APBI receive additional programming to become more functional.

Problems relating to a UIB payment on a case may be addressed by using the comment portion of the UIB Process Referral form. The Center for Coordinated Programs, Special Collections Office personnel will then assist the CSS office with resolution of the issue by contacting the appropriate representative of the OESC.

The OESC has asked that local offices refrain from contacting the agency directly for information in this area.


FCRL will display information for Unemployment Benefits being paid through the State of Oklahoma. Unemployment benefits being paid through another state will also appear on FCRL.


OWL is now a multiple page screen that includes UIB information. The OWL screen will display the date of application for UIB benefits as well as the status of the UIB claim and the weekly claim amounts including the child support deduction.

Intercept of UIB Benefits from Another State

Oklahoma’s automated processes for collection of out of state UIB applies to states that accept direct income withhold orders. Please use the following link to access information about the requirements of each state in processing your request:

Information about this process can be found on the U.S. Map of Child Support Services.

Legal Authority:

  • Federal: 45 C.F.R. Section 302.65(b) (2000)
  • State: 40 O.S. Section 2-801


OAC 340:25-5-203