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What to do when CPs requests a copy of Insurance Cards

There may be a time when a Non-Custodial Person is not the responsible party in providing ordered health insurance. For example, the NCP may be married to an individual who has the insurance from their place of work.

In normal circumstances the Employment Services Center (ESC) inputs information about the NCP and medical coverage on the POLA screen, thus triggering a notification of insurance coverage for children (M03) to go out to the CP.

In cases where someone else – like an NCP’s spouse – is the policy holder, medical documents are not issued to the third party. ESC, would not receive any information about insurance coverage, would not be able to update the POLA screens, and the CP is not notified.

In this case the Child Support Specialist must create an M03 manually and send it to the CP.

Other situations where an M03 is to be manually created is a new policy has been discovered or there is a change concerning policy information, including the carrier’s name, address, or coverage data.

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