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WKOB Worklist

Office Worker List of Obligation Cases

The WKOB worklist can be used to obtain a list of active cases that need an obligation established.

By simply typing WKOB, you will be taken to the WKOB menu screen. The menu allows you to select the parameters of your search.

WKOB OSIS screen highlighting areas discussed beneath it.

  1. SORT OPTION – Choose sort option A-H from above.
  2. REV ORD – Searches are chronological unless “Y” entered for reversed search order.
  3. CASE OFFICE – Search by office code.
  4. USERID – If user ID entered, will default to current user. If you entered both an office code and user ID, the user ID will be ignored.
  5. CASE STATUS – Search 02 or 10 status cases.
  6. HEARING TYPE – Search by hearing type.
  7. PRIORITY AFTER – Displays cases with changes made after entered date.

Once the parameters of your search have been selected, a detailed list of the cases will be displayed.

WKOB OSIS screen highlighting areas discussed beneath it.

  1. You can directly view a case by typing a translation code (CSML, LOGU, FCRL) in the “SELECT” field.
  2. You will be able to see the criteria you chose to sort cases for your search and how many cases met your criteria.
  3. Priority date.
  4. Priority.
  5. Names of NCP and BP.
  6. CAS shows how many of the NCPs cases are listed on the report.
  7. CHL displays the number of children on each case that needs paternity established.

WKOB OSIS screen highlighting areas discussed beneath it.

  1. “EMP HIT” field displays the date the last employer was updated on the APUE screen.
  2. “CASE STAT” field will display cases in either 02 or 10 status per your search criteria. If you don’t enter a status, then both 02 and 10 status cases will populate the list.
  3. If a hearing has been scheduled on the case it will populate the “HEAR DT” field.
  4. “HEARTYP” field will display the type of hearing scheduled. Hearing types are listed below.
  5. “CO CD” field displays the CP cooperation.
  6. “CS CL” field will indicate if a case is pending closure.