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Child Support Credit When Certifying for TANF

When a custodial person (CP) certifies for Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), they must notify the IV-A worker of any income, including child support. CP’s grant should only be reduced during the certification month. You can use the following screens to verify if the CP reported child support to the IV-A worker.

Block 59 on EBHL/EBOL shows the CP’s grant was reduced by income of $88.00.

Custodial Parent income statement

EFHL/EFOL for the child CP received support for on the same date reflected on EBHL/EBOL.

Custodial parent's child support receipt

On EFO, page 2 at the bottom is block F95. Child support income will be listed in this block. The income for $88.00 is child support.

Listed Child Support Income