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Completing a Multiple Month CFAD Adjustment

This article shows the steps for how to use the CFAD transaction to update current support, cash medical, fixed medical, spousal support, and judgment payment amounts.

CFAD screen
  1. CFROPO/N/C screens get information directly from the principal balance screens. Because online information is pulled from these screens, it is imperative to be as accurate as possible in order to provide the best customer service. If the monthly amount due for one month or multiple months on the CFROPO/N/C screens needs to be changed, a CFAD adjustment must be completed.The MULTIPLE MONTHS field defaults to “N” (No) as shown in the screen example. If adjusting the current month, leave the multiple months set at “N.”

CFROPN screen
  1. If the CFROPO/N/C screens display an incorrect monthly due amount for one month or multiple months, the CFAD screen will need to be adjusted. For example, the CFROPN example displays $222.50 for the months of 11/15 through 02/16, but should be changed to display $400.00 per month for 11/15 through 02/16.

CFFBI screen
  1. Before entering any adjustments, print the current CFFBI screen in order to track the balance changes. For this example, the arrears are $600.00 before adjustment. jpg, Alt text: CFFBI screen, highlight TYP, SEQ, and C/S fields

  1. Access the CFAD screen and update the following fields:
    • Adjustment DESC (for example: ADJ CS – MOD)
    • ADJUST OFFICE (assigned office)
    • EFFECTIVE DATE (the earliest month for the adjustment. For this example, 11/15-02/16 needs adjusting, so 11/01/15 is entered)
    • MULTIPLE MONTHS (enter a “Y”)

    If there is more than one obligation for the FGN, select the obligation that needs the adjustment by entering “X” in the SEL field.  

  1. Once all entries have been made, press <Enter>.