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OSIS URA Transactions

Below is a list of URA update and inquiry transactions in OSIS.

URA Inquiry Screens

  • XRI – Cross Reference Inquiry – used to inquire on cross reference ties. It can be accessed by TANF case number/PID or FGN/CP sequence.
  • URAD – URA Transaction Detail – list of all TANF benefits, retained amounts, benefit adjustments, and receipt adjustments by effective month.
  • URAC – Calendar Month URA Activity – used to view URA activity and balances by calendar month.
  • URAADJI – Adjustment Inquiry – used to view all URA adjustment detail.
  • URASI – Balance Summary – used to view the URA balance and verification detail.

URA Update Screens

  • XRU – Cross Reference Update – used to create and update cross reference ties between C/H numbers and FGNs.
  • XRA – Cross Reference Add – allows the user to create a new Refcare/PID (example: 902) when a C/H number has been reused by another person.
  • URAADJB – Benefit Adjustment Entry – used to adjust benefit totals
  • URAADJR – Receipt Adjustment Entry – used to adjust receipt totals
  • URASU – Balance Summary Update – used to ad or update the verification information