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Automated Enforcement Actions

There are several collection procedures, which result from an automated, monthly OSIS search for delinquent accounts. When OSIS identifies a delinquent case as a result of this search, and the case meets certain other selection criteria, a number of automated enforcement actions will begin automatically.

Credit Bureau Referral – Credit bureau reporting is a valuable enforcement tool that notifies credit bureaus of a child support debt. This can be a great incentive for NCPs to satisfy their child support debt, especially when they are trying to make a major purchase (i.e., house, car or boat).  CSS reports that the NCP is paying or not paying the child support ordered.

Unemployment Benefits Intercept – If the NCP is receiving Unemployment Benefits and the case meets certain criteria then it will be referred to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC). The OESC will check to see if the NCP is receiving Unemployment Benefits and will withhold the legal limit and remit to CSS.

Crime Victims’ Compensation Intercept – CSS intercepts payments made to NCPs by the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Board (OCVCB). The OCVCB disburses funds for medical bills, counseling, funeral cost, lost wages and crime scene cleanup to individuals that meet the criteria for these benefits.

Lottery Intercept – The Oklahoma Lottery Commission (OLC) receives cases referred from CSS and will intercept lottery winnings of $600 or more.

Federal Tax Intercept – CSS refers cases to the Office of Child Support Enforcement and the IRS on a yearly basis to intercept Federal Tax refunds for NCPs that are delinquent in their child support.

Administrative Debt Offset – If the NCP is an employee of the Federal Government CSS will intercept federal payments for such items as salary, retirement, travel pay, etc.

Passport Denial – The passport denial program was established to deny, revoke, and/or restrict passports of NCPs that are delinquent in their child support.

State Tax Intercept – CSS refers cases that meet the criteria to the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC). The NCPs Oklahoma State tax refund will be intercepted and sent to CSS.

This is just a brief overview of the automated enforcement actions that are available. For additional information see these Quest articles: