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Reducing Balances Due to the URA

If the Unreimbursed Assistance (URA) is less than permanently assigned balances (C/Z), amounts in excess of the URA will be issuable to the custodial person (CP). If Child Support Service (CSS) is not collecting the CP’s private balances, the worker may need to reduce permanently assigned child support balances to equal the URA. The worker should only reduce permanently assigned balances when:

CSS is only collecting State balances because:

  1. CP has waived balances
  2. CP has closed the case
  3. CP is in non-cooperation status
  4. CP is deceased

If the URA balance is less than principal State assigned balances, keep balances on the system in the following order: C then Z. Any permanently assigned interest should be zeroed. However, if the URA balance is greater than the State assigned principal balances, permanently assigned interest can be used to equal the URA. The worker should adjust the assigned interest balance to meet the URA.

NOTE: If the CP has closed their case, is in non-cooperation status or is deceased, the worker will set the waiver flag on INTADJ to prevent future interest accruals.
Remember: D balances issue to the CP unless collected by an IRS receipt. They must be removed when the CP no longer wants CSS to collect support on their behalf.