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Unreimbursed Assistance Elements

The Unreimbursed Assistance (URA) is comprised of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) expenditures and child support retained receipts. It is calculated and updated automatically using information from the IV-A/PS2 system and OSIS financial screens. The URA calculation is a safeguard to ensure that CSS does not retain more in child support receipts than has been expended in TANF benefits.

URA Expenditures:

  • TANF


    • TANF benefits (EW/C)
    • Supported Permanency Benefits (EW/CK)
    • Child Vouchers (V/C)

    NOTE: There are several benefit types that are not included in the URA calculation. Examples are:

    • SNAP Benefits (EF/C)
    • Diversion Assistance (EW/DA)
    • Work Start-Up Payments (EW/TE)
    • Work Participant Payments (EW/CE)
    • Unemployed Person (EW/CU)
    • 04/20 & 05/2020 COVID voucher (EW VC)
  • Escrow

    Until the mid-90’s, if a payee’s TANF check was less than the paid support for 3 consecutive months, the Family Support Division would request that the difference was issued to the CP; in addition the TANF case would be closed.

  • $50 Disregards through effective month 09/96

    As an incentive to cooperate with the Child Support Program, the Federal government allowed the CP to receive the first $50 of current support collected each month while they were on TANF. All $50 disregard history can be found on the URAD.

  • Benefit Adjustments (URAADJB)

    • Automatic EBOL conversion updates (TANF expended prior to 1994)
    • Manual updates

OSIS Receipts:

  • Principal and interest receipts (CFRRX/P) retained on TANF case types
  • KR20 receipts on TC case numbers (receipts prior to 1992)
  • Receipts applied to retained support and non-cash medical erroneous overpayments
  • Manual Receipt Adjustments (URAADJR)
  • INTQ 222 receipts reflected as adjustments (prior to 2005)