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Sources of Case Referrals – Medical

How does CSS receive child support cases related to medical support? There are four sources listed below:

  • OKDHS for TANF benefits, child care subsidy, foster care, and blind or disabled cases. These are received through the interface with the Adult & Family Services (AFS).
  • OHCA for non-TANF Medicaid. These are received through the interface with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA).
    Parents who apply for Medicaid on behalf of themselves and their children are required to:

    • Assign rights to medical support to the State;
    • Cooperate in establishing paternity and obtaining medical support; and
    • Provide information about liable third parties as a condition of their own eligibility unless they are exempt

    Parents or non-parent custodians (caretakers) who apply for Medicaid on behalf of a child only are not required to:

    • Assign the child’s rights to medical support to the State; or
    • Cooperate in establishing paternity and pursuing medical support as a condition of the child’s eligibility. CSS services are optional.
  • Non-public assistance (private) applications. These are received through applications submitted to CSS.
    Incoming Intergovernmental (other states, tribes, or countries). These are received from other governmental agencies through the Intergovernmental Central Registry.

When a referral is received from OHCA, information about the non-TANF Medicaid case needs to be researched to ensure accurate information is documented on the CSS case. In 2010, OHCA began to determine the eligibility of SoonerCare applicants. This shifted the responsibility for this task from AFS to OHCA. However, OHCA uses an automated system to make eligibility determinations. This causes CSS to conduct its own research since OHCA does not have case managers who can provide information about the SoonerCare case. Information can be researched on several OSIS transactions, the OHCA iCE system, and the OHCA Agency View. For more information on these systems, please see their respective overviews and training articles. It is extremely important to verify the level of service requested by the applicant on OHCA referrals. If the applicant is declining child support services, this needs to be verified at the referral stage to prevent CSS from opening the case.

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