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The Incoming Intergovernmental Cases with NCP in another State Report (KS368R01)

The KS368R01 Incoming Intergovernmental Cases with NCP in Another State Report on Content Manager on Demand (CMOD) is a report that identifies open child support cases with non-custodial parents who have a verified out of state address which can be reviewed for possible case closure.

  1. What is in the report? The report created by CBECS at the request of M-Team lists cases organized by office code providing FGN number, status, priority, NCP name, referral information and state code.
  2. When does the report run? The report runs on the 10th day of each month. The report is available to all CSS staff in CMOD.
  3. How can I use the KS368R01 report?
    • Open CMOD and run the report following the directions in the “How to Use Content Manager on Demand” article.
    • Select the cases from your office using the office code
    • Review each case individually to determine if the case meets criteria for closure
    • Complete the appropriate actions to close out the case
  4. How do I access and work CMOD reports?
    For help using CMOD reports refer to the CSS Quest article: How to Use Content Manager on Demand (CMOD). How To Use Content Manager On Demand (CMOD) provides detailed instructions on using CMOD as well as how to export CMOD reports for use in Excel format.