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Waiving Balances and the Unreimbursed Assistance

In the past, there was a standing policy of waiving state debt in order to encourage payments. The Feds encouraged a dollar for dollar Unreimbursed Assistance (URA) reduction when state debt was waived; therefore State policy was enacted to mandate this practice.

However, in 2010, a moratorium was put in place by the DHS Director ceasing the practice of waiving state debt. Even though offices are no longer allowed to waive state debt, a worker may find URA adjustments from this time period. Because waiver of state debt was allowed at that time, these adjustments should remain.

NOTE: If the URA offsetting adjustment was not made when state debt was waived (payment matching), an adjustment to the URA should be made. For every state dollar waived, the URA should be reduced by the same amount.

Policy regarding waiver of state debt can be found via the following link: 340:25-5-140 (d) ITS 5