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WKPT Worklist

Worker List of Paternity Cases

The WKPT menu allows you to select the criteria for the paternity cases you want to review.

The upper portion of the menu provides options A through H for the date types to search. The lower portion of the menu allows you to begin selecting the variables you would like to search.

WKPT OSIS screen highlighting areas discussed beneath it.

  1. Choose an option. A-H.
  2. Select Date Range.
  3. Rev Ord Search: Chronological Y = New to Old, Blank = Old to New.
  4. Enter your office code.
  5. Enter the user ID to search cases assigned to a case worker.
  6. View by case status or priority.
  7. GT Indicator Y = view cases that either NCP or BP have GT scheduled.
  8. Paternity Filing Indicator Y = Cases with paternity filed.
  9. Service eligibility type search Y = for the service type to search.

After entering the search criteria a detail screen will appear with a list of cases matching the entered parameters.

WKPT OSIS screen highlighting areas discussed beneath it.

  1. Corresponds to the selections previously made to begin the search. It will show which option A through H you chose, the office search, the caseworker if a user ID was entered, and the date range searched, if entered.
  2. Will tell you how many non-removed children (FGN #CH) are on the case and how many of those children (PAT #CH) need to have paternity established.
  3. Denotes date fields and the corresponding dates. The corresponding dates will be on the first line of information for each case.
    1. B DT – the most recent birth date for the legal status M child(ren).
    2. PR DT – the current priority status date.
    3. 02 DT – the date the NCP’s type 02 (finding) address was verified.
    4. 15 DT – the date the NCP’s type 15 (attorney) address was verified or last updated.
  4. Provide the following information.
    1. PF – indicates if a paternity petition has been filed. Y= yes, N= no.
    2. TST N/TST B – indicates if genetic testing has been scheduled for the NCP or BP. Y = yes, N = no.
    3. CO – displays the CP cooperation status.
    4. PN CL – displays if the case if pending closure and the corresponding reason code.

  1. Will tell you the office the case is assigned to, the case and the case priority. Cases listed on WKPT will be status 02 or 10 and will have priority value of 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  2. Provides the user ID of the person the case has been assigned to.
  3. Lists types of services a child may have. Y = yes N= no
    1. C – TANF.
    2. F- IV-E Foster Care.
    3. E – Non-IV-E Foster Care.
    4. M – Medical.
    5. P – Private case.
    6. D – Daycare.
    7. I – Incoming interstate.
  4. Date fields and their corresponding dates. The corresponding dates will be on the second line of information for each case.
    1. HR DT – the most recent hearing date listed on HEARL with a blank disposition.
    2. 01 DT – the date the NCP’s type 01 (mailing) address was verified.
    3. 10 DT – the date the NCP’s type 10 (institution) address was verified.
    4. EMP DT – the date the most recent employer was verified.
  5. You can tab to the SEL (selection) field and enter the transaction code (CSML, LOGI, FCRL) to go to a case you would like to view.