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Allocation and UNDL Edits

Are you getting the edit message “No obligations selected for allocation”?  Here are some things to check for:

  1. Are you trying to log K/WA or other direct NCP payment types to balances tied to an Outgoing Referral?  This will no longer be a possibility.
  2. Make sure your CP sequence, OBL sequence and REFU sequence match on all screens tied to the balances on CFFBI.
  3. Is there an amount on OBLU for IA MO JG?

Other common problems:

  1. Are you getting an edit for a mix of In-state and Interstate balances?  Be sure to check your interest balances.  That could be where the mix is coming from.
  2. When you are trying to log with CFR, do you get the edit message “Custodial sequence allowed on fees and OPR payments only”? You will need to go to the CP SEQ field on the left side of the screen about half way up, and space through the CP Seq.  Then if all other issues have been fixed, you should be able to log.
  3. Are there items on your UNDL list that you believe should be resolved by another office who owns the NCPs other cases? You can change the office code on the UNDL payment using UNDR.  This will move the payment to the other office’s list.

One last very important thing!  When logging UNDL, be sure you press F4 before you enter the “X” to see where your payment is going to log.  If you notice that not all obligations are being considered but you believe they should be, stop and do not proceed.  We are seeing lots of cases where the finance worker is logging the receipt over and over because it is only applying to one obligation while the portions that are allocated to other obligations are going back to UNDL.  Please contact someone for assistance rather than making multiple line items for one payment.  If that payment should have to be adjusted on a later date, it will cause significant problems in addition to the fact that the case really needs to be fixed so payments will distribute correctly.