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UNDL and Non-Cooperation

Are you curious on what to do when you have a CP who was placed in non-cooperation status for not pinning the card prior to the COVID19 change for non-cooperation, the case was set to close but those CP’s have been placed back in cooperation status and now we have money on UNDL?

Offices should reach out to the CP about pinning the debit card or requesting a new card if they do not have the old one.  If you are not successful getting the CP to pin the card within 30 days, request a refund of the UNDL and terminate the IWO to stop further collections. To prevent an income assignment from reissuing, take off the verification code on the APEU and leave it blank (do not update with “U” as that triggers a letter).  You should keep a list of these cases to check after the non-cooperation process is reinstated and if the card is still not pinned then update non coop again.

OSIS APED Screen with verified V highlighted.

Cannot get in contact with the CP? Try these methods.

CLEAR Reports
A CLEAR Report has up to date locate information that is gathered through one search tool. This tool is commonly used when all other locate resources have been used. More details on CLEAR is found in the Quest article Clear Reports. Send an email request to ESC locate and a Program Specialist from ESC will email you a CLEAR report.
NH, QW, SSA, and UI could provide valid contact information.
A utility search completed by name or SSN (SSN is the preferred method). You need the subscriber code and pass code found in the Locate folder in Outlook.
PY screen
If the person you are searching for has an active assistance case, an address may be obtained on the EA screen.
DOC, County Jails, BOP
Check to see if individual is in jail, prison, or federal prison. It is more common on deprived cases to have a parent who is incarcerated.
This can be helpful if the NCP/BP has recently renewed or replaced their ID.

IV-A / PS2 Screens
Locate Checklist for Resources
Manual Locate
Navigating DPS for License Information

If a CP needs to request a new debit card they need to do the following:

Contact Conduent at 1-888-929-2460, press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. You will then be asked to enter your card number and PIN or SSN/DOB/PIN (you must enter your information to access):  pressing 3 will transfer you to report a lost, stolen, or damaged card.