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  • August 19, 2021

    Training UNDL and Non-Cooperation

    What to do when you have a CP who was placed in non-cooperation status for not pinning the card prior to the COVID19 change for non-cooperation, the case was set to close but those CP’s have been placed back in cooperation status and now we have money on UNDL.
  • August 19, 2021

    Training UNDL Edits

    Edits you will see when working UNDL
  • August 19, 2021

    Training Allocation and UNDL Edits

    When doing Allocation and UNDL edits, there are things you can check.
  • August 31, 2021

    Training State Tax Offset

    Intercept of state tax refund
  • August 31, 2021

    Help & How To Futures Criteria

    This list explains the reasons why a payment did not automatically log to Futures.
  • August 31, 2021

    Help & How To FIDM UNDL Criteria

    The following list explains the conditions that must be met for a FIDM payment to log to a case. The list also suggests screens that might need to be updated.
  • August 31, 2021

    5-Minute Overview Undistributed List Overview

    An explanation of UNDL and what screens are used to work the undistributed list.
  • August 31, 2021

    Help & How To Moving a Receipt from an Undistributed List

    The process for moving a receipt from one office’s undistributed list (UNDL) to another office’s list.