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Instructions for Hunting and Fishing License Revocation

Instructions for completing the form to submit to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for non-compliance with an order for child support. This form is available through Adobe LiveCycle (ALC).

Open ALC to fill out the revocation.

Fill in the form with the following information:

  1. Fill out AP number, BP number, CP number, and obligation sequence number.
  2. Select court type.
  3. Select court style.
  4. Enter the participant’s address.
  5. Enter license number.
  6. Enter license type (Lifetime Fishing, Lifetime Combined, Lifetime Hunting).
  7. Enter the date served.
  8. Enter names of the documents served.
  9. Print document.
  10. Effective date for the order revoking the license. Provide the date the license is to be revoked. – Required.
  11. Signature of the District Court or Administrative Law Judge – Required.
  12. Date form is signed by the District Court or Administrative Law Judge – Required.
  13. County – Name of county if action brought in District Court.