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Cash Medical Erroneous Overpayment Overview

A cash medical erroneous overpayment (EP CM) occurs when a custodial person (CP) receives payments issued by Child Support Services (CSS) that should have issued to Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA); build a Cash Medical Erroneous Overpayment in OSIS. A Finance Action Request (FAR) is not sent for this type of overpayment.

It may seem better to adjust the receipt and move the monies to the correct balance type; however, this would cause CSS to “carry” the bad debt until the overpayment was repaid by the CP, while OHCA would be paid in full. This is the reason CSS decided to treat this situation as an erroneous overpayment rather than a bad debt.

If the CP accepts payments directly from the non-custodial parent (NCP) that should have issued to OHCA, the NCP will be given credit for the payments, but no overpayment will be created. It is up to OHCA to pursue collection from the CP if they choose.