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Proof of Payments – All Balances Paid

If all balances are paid according to Child Support Services (CSS) records and subsequent notice is given that the non-custodial parent (NCP) has paid the custodial person (CP) directly (CP pay records, NCP pay records, court ordered credit). For example, the NCP made direct payments to the CP without CSS knowledge. CSS later collected the same balances via Income Withholding Order (IWO), IRS, etc. When CSS becomes aware of the direct payments, the case will be credited with the earliest payments first for interest purposes (in this case, direct payments).

Follow the process below:

  1. Submit a Finance Action Request (FAR) to refund payments to the NCP without creating any credit balances
    • Include in the FAR that a credit has not been created because CFPA payments will be added and a retained support overpayment (RS OPR) will be built after the payments have been refunded
  2. Adjustor will refund the payments to the NCP, reinstating the balances
  3. Add payments to CFPA
  4. Build RS using OVPA in OSIS (see “Building a Retained Support Obligaton” Help and How To document)