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Enforcement Case Review – Questions to Ask!

This is a list of questions to ask on a case before every enforcement action and/or at every desk review of a case.

Reminder: Check the OSIS Screen Books for detailed information on OSIS Screens.
  1. Is the case open and active? (Check CSML for Status: 02, 06, 08, 10)
  2. What is the case priority in CSML? It will clue you in on what to do. I.e. status 02, priority 2 (“payments not being made”) which means it needs enforcement (Review for Annual Notice, NOIR, Contempt).
  3. Who opened the case? See CIRI (or update CSCU to reflect who opened it). If NCP opened the case, CP cannot ask for the case to close. Service methods may change due to NCP opening.
  4. Is the NCP located (ASA 01, 15, etc.)? Don’t waste time on parties not located. Do locate efforts and follow-up on the case for enforcement within 60 days. Look for CPs AOR (service via regular mail). Check ASA_CURR.
  5. Does an obligation(s) exist? (including medical obligation; OBL) Make sure the order matches the OBL (support amounts, case style, court numbers, etc.). If no obligation, enforcement cannot take actions. Case either needs obligation built off of existing order or paternity/establishment needs to do an order.
  6. Review file in OnBase. Update the ECE (blue sheet). Note what has been done and what needs to be done. Know the criteria of all manual enforcement remedies in order to know what needs to happen based on the history of the case.
  7. Current litigation status (Check for District Court actions: and sites).
  8. Determine jurisdiction within Oklahoma (e.g. other OK counties). You may not be able to enforce if it isn’t our order. Is there an incoming/outgoing intergovernmental case? If not, do I need to open one?
  9. Review NCP’s other cases (CLAP). Look at OBLIs for possible modifications, ANs, etc.
  10. Review for possible employment and issue IWO if not in place already (FCRL, OWL(sp)SSN, Workforce #, etc.). Information regarding income in OSIS is found here:
    1. UIB
    2. FIDM
    3. WC/PI
    4. SSI (FCRL)
    5. SSDI (FCRL) (child receiving benefits from the NCP?)
    6. Case log for evidence
  11. Incarceration status (FCRL, DOC websites in OK and other states, VINELink)
  12. Bankruptcy (CIRI which pulls from ASUP; LOGI)
  13. Does the income match the obligation? Review for modification and annual notice to change support and judgment payment. Add an NOIR if NCP has history of non-payment.
  14. Deceased NCP or CP (See FCR, Social Security Death Index site, or google for obituary).
  15. Are there private and/or state balances (CFFBI, OBLI)? If state only, don’t need CP involved.
  16. Check for payments in the last 30-90 days in CFRRX. Clue as to what needs to happen (AN, NOIR, IWO).
  17. Is the NCP receiving TANF [BNS(sp)SSN]? If so, move to Status 10 – Uncollectible. Check the Training Minute: Determining Individual Income Using IV-A Screens for details.
  18. Is there evidence of a potential change in custody? If so, contact the CP or Child Welfare if the state is involved. Always obtain and RETAIN proof.
  19. Is this an interstate case (CSML, REFU, CSENET messages, LOGI, etc.)?
    1. Has the foreign order been registered and served upon the NCP?
    2. Determine proper jurisdiction. Don’t improperly enforce.
  20. Has the case been re-opened? If it has, have we received an affidavit of direct payments from the custodian (DOCL, LOGI, in the case, etc)? Look in the file and read the documents (app/Affidavit of Payments) carefully for accuracy.
  21. Who is ordered to carry medical (see order and OBLI)? Is medical being provided? If SoonerCare is in effect, is cash medical needed? If OBLI shows B, N, O, or X, we must modify.
  22. Run GLS with current income and other financial data. Does the case need a modification?
  23. Check case notes for red flags. Some workers recommend reading the case notes from the beginning of the case to the end. This can be a very time-consuming step for some cases but extremely beneficial until a worker becomes more familiar with OCSS/OSIS/etc.
  24. Check for occupational, recreational and driving licenses (DPS access, Hunting and Fishing CMOD Report). File NOIR as necessary.
  25. Identify possible duplicate cases or other administrative/OSIS issues [PY(sp)SSN or DP(sp)DCN].
  26. Check for undistributed or pending payments (CFFRX (top right corner), UNDA, PNDIF, PNDRA).
  27. Check for proper IV-A case references to ensure URA, case type, etc. is properly recorded (URASI, URAD, CSRL, CMM, etc.). Update screens to reflect necessary changes.
  28. Check for or request OAH or District Court number and update OBLU.
  29. Add hearing to docket and HEARA if one is set.
  30. Check for noncooperation status of the CP (CCPU, LOGI, etc.). Help CP get into coop status.
  31. Prepare or update A/C and generate necessary pleadings once action is determined. (Some offices do this first…order does not matter, since every worker creates a specific flow). If the a/c does not match OSIS, finance may need to make system updates. Staff with finance.

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