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Enforcement Case Review

This is a list of things to check on a case before every enforcement action and/or at every desk review of a case. This list is in no particular order.

  • File pleadings (see your PMP/staff with Supervisor regarding minimum number per month).
  • Review every case asking: What has been done and what needs to be done on the case? Know the criteria for all enforcement remedies in order to know what action to take.
  • Reports to work weekly/monthly depending on how you setup your daily duties:
  • PPL-Paid Percentage List-shows cases and the percentage paid. Work cases paying less than 92% and work to bring them to pay 92%+ to increase performance.
    • WKEF90 U# (shows cases past 90 days due-Do AN and NOIR or poss. Contempt)
    • ANOL U# (shows cases needing AN and probably NOIR)
    • RAMENU (shows cases needing Modifications; work TANF cases monthly)
    • CMOD Report: Lifetime Hunting/Fishing Licenses
    • CARL/CAPL (pull Collections Letters if new info found on OSIS)
    • IANI and IANE (make sure IWOs generate, clean up APEU)
    • Follow up on cases without locate and enforce within 60 days of locating NCP
    • PI/FIDMs as they print off locally
    • WebFOCUS Performance Measures Perf011 (Worklist) Cases with current support due vs Cases with collections & Cases with no collections
    • WebFOCUS Performance Measures Perf012 (Worklist) Cases with arrears due vs Cases without arrears payments

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