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Office of Inspector (OIG) Referrals

Office of Inspector General (OIG)

An OIG referral is to be made when a custodial person (CP) does not report Child Support Services (CSS) information correctly to DHS (non-custodial parent [NCP] in home, child not in home, direct child support being received and not reported, etc.) and the following criteria has been met:

  • Has improperly received at least $500;
  • Has had no judgments for recovery of the overpayment;
  • Because of the 3 statute of limitation, the last incident of fraud can be no older than two and one-half years prior to the date of the fraud report; and
  • Resides in Oklahoma

Below are the steps necessary to complete a referral:

  1. Complete the OIG referral form. This can be found in Outlook: Public Folders/All Public Folders/OCSS All/Consistent Excellence/Finance/Overpayments/Resources
  2. Send the referral to a supervisor for review to ensure the referral is appropriate.
  3. Upon supervisory approval, the referral is sent to OIG at with any supporting documentation available.
  4. Also send all documents to *OCSS.OIG.Referrals (this email is monitored by State Office (STO)/Center for Finance and Budget (CFB) to track the OIG referrals sent by CSS).
NOTE: Even if a situation does not meet the OIG criteria listed above, notify IV-A, if appropriate, of any information not reported by the CP receiving services.