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Unreimbursed Assistance Automatic Calculation

The online Unreimbursed Assistance (URA) is used to determine whether Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) assigned balances should retain for TANF reimbursement or issue to the custodial person (CP). A URA balance automatically accrues on a TANF case number. In order for TANF assigned child support balances to retain, the URA must have a positive net amount due. In order for receipts to be applied against the URA balance, the FGN/CP sequence number must be cross-referenced to the TANF case number/Person ID (PID). When this is done, all receipts retained for the CP’s TANF balances are applied to their URA balance.

When the URA has been verified and becomes paid in full (i.e., the State has retained as much as it expended in TANF benefits), assigned TANF balances will un-assign and receipts applied to these balances will issue to the CP. Although the URA is automatic, the verification process must be done manually. If the URA is not verified and OSIS attempts to distribute to un-assigned balances, the receipt will not distribute, but rather log to Undistributed.