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Futures Criteria

Have you ever wondered why a payment in your Undistributed List (UNDL) did not go to Futures? Here is a criteria list that all allocated/un-allocated amounts have to pass before being eligible for FUTURES:

  1. Collection cannot have an edit error.
  2. Collection is not Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), Lump Sum, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Interstate Intercept (Distribution Code H,S,I,Q)
  3. One of the non-custodial parents (NCP) Family Group Number (FGN) is open status and not an arrears or judgment only case (02 or 10)
  4. No past due arrears within the span of the collection – this includes un-typed interest.
  5. There is an expected current support accrual on at least one obligation for the FGN in open status.
  6. The obligation with the expected accrual of current support is “active and enforceable”.
  7. The expected child support (c/s) accrual is on a child that is not removed or deleted.
  8. NCP has no more than one-month Current Support portion of the payment plan in un-resolved Futures UNDL.
  9. If collection is distribution code “K,” then all the collections for the current month must be “K” distribution code.