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Moving a Receipt from an Undistributed List

This is the process for moving a receipt from one office’s undistributed list (UNDL) to another office’s list.

  1. Access the UNDA screen
  2. Next to the receipt you would like to move, type “UNDR.”

    UNDA screen with the SELECT field highlighted, Highlight “UNDR” in the SELECT field

  3. Once on the UNDR screen, make sure the resolution indicator is blank. In the UNDL OFFC field, type in the office code for the office you want to move the receipt to. Also type in a message to that office explaining why you are moving the receipt to their undistributed list.

    UNDR screen with the UNDL OFFICE field highlighted, Highlight  - UNDL OFFICE Field, The note to the office

  4. Hit enter twice and the receipt will be moved.