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Bad Debt Scenario – Incorrect NCP

When receipt(s) apply to the incorrect non-custodial parent (NCP) (IV-D or Non IV-D case), send a Finance Action Request (FAR) asking for the receipt(s) to be adjusted to the correct NCP. An overpayment will be automatically created by the Center for Finance and Budget (CFB) when the receipt adjustments are completed.

For example, when a receipt applied to John Smith’s case, but was for Sam Jackson’s case, the receipt should be moved to the correct case. This would only apply if two separate NCPs were affected.

NOTE: If the receipts for the incorrect NCP were refunded to that NCP, a FAR should still be submitted. CFB will re-log the receipts back to the incorrect case, creating an NCP bad debt, and then CFB will move the receipt(s) to the correct NCP.