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OSIS Screens Cheat Sheets and Simulations

Reviewed Content on May 9, 2024

OSIS screens can be complicated and sometimes hard to understand. Below you will find a compiled list of some top screens that workers need to know when getting started with Child Support Services. For each Cheat Sheet (PDF) each screen is broken down and includes callout boxes, along with the appropriate fields and codes that are used.

Another helpful tool to provide you with an understanding of the OSIS screens is the CSQuest article Where Are Those OSIS Screen Books? The OSIS Screen Books contain all the OSIS screens used by State Office and OCSS field offices that are owned by Child Support Services. Screens owned by other OKDHS divisions used by child support staff are not listed in these books.

The accuracy of this CS Quest Article is up to date as of May 9, 2024.